the state.

March 26, 2008

im gonna post this on my blog but, i figure that a lot of people who made me think about this don’t check my blog, therefore, i’m posting this here first.

as most high school seniors across the state are finding out, uc and cal state decisions are being announced. choices are being made as to which dorm people will live in and such. but, as i’ve seen a lot of people find out, getting to the point where you make that choice is a challenge in itself.

since the first day of school freshman year, we’re all put on paths. which maths do you take? how many years of a foreign language? which ap’s? you’re even given a chart showing you what classes you’d end up in. some people take summer school to fit in the extra classes. others, take a class at a community college to get ahead. regardless of what path you were on, you were given a bright neon green paper. this paper told you all the classes required to take to get into a UC or CSU.

seems all simple right? you take the classes you’re supposed to, pass them, and then you’ll end up at a UC or CSU for college. public school’s all the way. there’s nothing wrong with public school. it’s a free education. education should be free right? you shouldn’t have to pay to learn. especially when what you’re learning is what the state says you should learn.

now here’s my question, how is that someone who goes to public school their whole life, passes every single class, never gets a d or f, gets denied to a state school for college? it doesn’t make any sense to me. i’ll admit, i haven’t really been affected by this whole admissions process. i have been yelled at several times about my athletics but that’s an argument for a different time. back to my question. how is that even possible? i’ve seen countless kids who i thought were the ideal student for schools get denied. kids that do nothing but study and work hard. they take ap and honors classes. they do community service. yet, they can’t even get into a state school? what is wrong with these colleges? shouldn’t a public school graduate be able to continue their education at a public university? i’m not talking about a stanford or harvard. i’m talking about san diego state university, university of california at santa cruz, cal poly, etc. if you did get into your top choice, congratulations. but for everyone else, i’m with you on this one. you dreamed of cal or ucla and now are looking at uc riverside. it’s not a bad school. but, why can’t you go to ucla? shouldn’t a public education be equal?

where did this all go wrong? they say it’s because of how many applicants to uc’s and csu’s there are. well, it shouldn’t surprise them. they should’ve seen it coming. of course kids will apply to the state schools. they go to state high schools! it makes sense to them to go to a state college! did they suddenly expect us to all decide not to go to college? or maybe we’d all just go out of state?

listen up califonia education system. you’re fucked up. you don’t make sense. if you can’t even keep the system honest or logical, why keep the system? we’ve been fed the crap of being great students. we’ve taken the standardized tests to make sure we’re learning what we’re supposed to. we’ve gone through accreditation to prove we go to a real high school. we took your exit exam (not much of a challenge, but we took it). we take the core classes, required by the state. we pack the classrooms and attend the classes. we pass the classes, we graduate.  we earn the diploma saying we did what we needed to graduate from the system. yet, one day, we’re suddenly not good enough for it. you know what? maybe the system isn’t good enough for us.


the most important day in this blog history.

March 15, 2008

i, being of sound mind and killer bod, do hereby declare the following entry is the most landmark entry this blog has ever had.

i would like to introduce everyone to what i believe has the potential to be the worst movie ever: sex and the city, the movie. from now until this movie’s release on dvd, i will cover all angles and aspects of this crime against humanity. to start, here’s the trailer:

you have been warned.

i found god this weekend.

February 3, 2008




and you all thought i got religious.

a letter.

January 26, 2008

i would like to take this time to write a letter to an anonymous and ficitional(maybe) college and career center advisor who told me that, “ivy leagues were not in the ballpark for me.”

dear mrs. college and career center advisor,

today, i received news that i have been accepted to columbia university (the one in new york) and theyre gonna pay for a lot of my education. i know, this is big news to you. one of your students got into columbia. i can hear you typing up my name for the map in the h-building as we speak. well, i would like to start off by saying thanks. you told me sophomore year, that i could never get into an ivy league. that i should try to aim smaller. i told you i was a athlete. you said your son was too. no, you misunderstood. I am an athlete. your son…not so much. i just want to congratulate you on all the help you’ve given me. you gave me multiple pamphlets. you told me to take more challenging classes. i didnt. i threw out your pamphlets. i took my easy classes. i know, it was risky. but i realized something 10 minutes into first meeting you. right after you handed me a pamphlet for ohio state for the second time. you don’t know shit. im sorry if that was rude but i dont think you know anything.  i look at you, and all i do is question your intelligence. i didnt go to your question and answer sessions with representatives from local colleges because i knew that you only brought them in because you didnt know. i have a suggestion for you. instead of putting stickers from all those colleges on your door, just put xeroxed copies of advertisements for barron’s college guides. it will save everyone time. i hear we have statewide budget cuts. how about we get rid of you? in your place we can just buy a copy of a college guide! have you realized the only reason people go into the college and career center is to print stuff out off your computers! even if they did go in looking for help you wouldnt give it to them anyways. all i wanna say is thank you soooooooooo much for everything you did for me these past four years. it was all you who got me into columbia. not my own hard work on the track and trails. not all the hours i’ve spent training. it was all you. thanks.

sincerely yours,


january 13th.

January 13, 2008

charter high speed internet is the most unreliable thing in the entire world. it never works. and really, it’s their fault. i hate them.

sorry for two short posts but, i don’t mean to be rude, this blog isn’t exactly at the top of my priorities for a bit.

january 11th.

January 11, 2008

i judged the dance concert at my high school tonight. gotta do it again tomorrow night. kind of interesting. anyways, i saw this. i found it to be a tad bit odd. what kind of situation would bring them to realize they were twins? hopefully outside the bedroom.

go give earlimart a listen. they’re kinda like stars. ‘cept different.

january 10th

January 10, 2008

it’s always so assuring when today was better than yesterday.

do yourself a favor and go find a new artist you’ve never heard of. listen to their album all the way through, in the dark. then get back to me.